(published may 12th, 1999)


starving corneas In this article, the relationship between rapid eye movement (REM) and dreaming comes under fire. There’s a theory that REM doesn’t have anything to do with dreaming; instead, it’s a mechanism to agitate the vitreous humour (the gunk inside your eyeballs) so the cornea continues to get oxygen while the eyelid is closed. It sounds like there’s a big fight going on between different camps of dream researchers, so we should see some cool stuff in a few years…

roll your own When I started graduate school, one of the things I was really interested in was computational simulation of cells, in order to understand the complex interactions between the different pathways and processes that scientists normally study in isolation. People in my department thought I was nuts, and I didn’t get anywhere with my idea. Now, there are at least two projects working on basically this same goal: the E-Cell Project and the National Resource for Cell Analysis and Modeling. Science also recently had an article which discusses the different approaches and goals of the two projects.

all in the name Browsing off tidbits.com recently, I found Glenn Fleishman’s personal web site. I really dig the title: Unsolicted Pundit.

converge, dammit! The Mac-on-Linux project released source code recently. I haven’t had a chance to try it out, but when this software comes together, my life is going to get a lot easier…

tweak tweak tweak I spent yet more time last night messing with the CSS file for the site, and the overall template. I’ve had a chance to view the site in some different browsers over the last couple of days, and while I’m mostly happy, there are still a few problems. For you Windows users: Are there a lot of sites that have huge text in Netscape? Do you mind, or notice, or just tweak your Netscape settings to accomodate? I don’t use Windows enough to have a feel for this. Also, if anybody running Explorer 5.0 is feeling altruistic, drop me a note and let me know how the site looks, eh? (Any other comments, praise, or thrown rocks over the re-design are also welcome at jacobs@azstarnet.com.)