As you can probably tell, I spent the weekend doing a site redesign. It’s not quite done yet; the Personal section is still in the old format, for example, and some of the marginalia aren’t complete. Overall, however, I’m quite happy with the new look. Everything is specified with CSS, so changing the look will be much easier in the future.

The redesign was made possible by a wonderful tool called genpage. This 11K Perl script replicates much of the functionality of Frontier (the parts I used, anyway). If you’ve been missing Frontier because you switched to Linux, give genpage a look.

Some other re-design shout-outs: Thanks to Camworld and Slashdot for the idea of making marginalia look like GUI windows, and thanks to Eatonweb for a great example of a working CSS site.

All the typing over the weekend really trashed my wrists. I actually went out and picked up some wrist wraps, which seem to be helping.

The Ursula Goodenough seminar notes aren’t up; the re-design interfered with that. Soon…

Dana Plato dead at 34: I heard part of her Friday Howard Stern Show appearance, which makes this all the more wierd.

I haven’t got a lot of links ready to go, so why not read the most recent RISKS digest instead? (That issue came out Friday.)

Or, you could join the throngs that are sure to be pounding Apple’s FTP servers when the new MacOS 8.6 update comes out today…