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Declaration: I’ve decided: GeneHack is now a web log, as opposed to the mess o’ links that I previously thought of it as. Of course, those two may be one and the same… Those of you who arrived by one of the above links are probably already conversant with web logs, for the rest of you, check out Cam’s well-reasoned take on the web log phenomenon, or this un-reasoned smug.com piece.

A nice overview of how the Internet is changing publication of biological data. The online peer review capability mentioned in the article sounds pretty sweet; I’d like to see that become more wide spread.


TechnoSphere is a 3D model world inhabited by artificial lifeforms created by WWW users. There are thousands of creatures in the world all competing to survive. They eat, fight, mate and create offspring which evolve and adapt to their environment. When you make a creature it will email you to let you know what it has been getting up to in its world. Using the creature tools you can find out how your creature is surviving, what it is doing at any time, and where it is in the terrain.

Anybody brain-dead enough to mail a 25 MB file should be sent to computer-use re-training class.

The Virus Wars:
(1) Nice phage graphic!
(2) Ignore the ‘next great anti-virus solution’ hype; focus on the interesting biological:cybernetic similarities discussion.

Save smallpox!: If you think it’s wrong to erradicate, say, whales, how can you advocate destroying smallpox?

Tiny Worm Parasite May Cause Frog Deformation: Note that this doesn’t mean we get to quit worrying about the environment; why are there suddenly so many worm parasites?

Liberty Bell 7 recovered: I just read The Right Stuff last month. If you’ve only seen the movie, I recommend the book.

Misc. Site Cruft: I re-organized my Daily Dose page. If you think there’s something I should be looking at regularly that isn’t on the list, drop me a line.

Personal musing: Oy! Gotta love that airport experience. Dave was coming in from a weekend vacation in San Diego. After his shuttle flight from Phoenix blew an engine and delayed him for 2+ hours, we calculated that it would have been just as quick for him to have driven…