JSTOR is a cool idea – taking old copies of academic journals and making them available on the web. This lets libraries reclaim all that shelf space currently devoted to old bound journals.

The Bruce Sterling Online Index: a guide to every Bruce Sterling work on the web

Not-so-stupid space tricks: using common objects to model our solar system.

… there’s more to the exercise, in light of recent discoveries of distant planets. “The solar system is full of open space. In contrast, the giant planets that are being found in orbit around other stars are quite different.”

Stop the dihydrogen monoxide menace NOW! (Okay, it’s actually about the psychology of gullibility, but the first part is amusing in a sad kind of way.)

Sad, just sad.

The gengineered food debate rolls on…

Is sending radioactive iridium by FedEx a Bad Idea, or is it just me?

Washington: The Net Must Pay (from Wired News) Scary quote:

Reed said the First Amendment limited how aggressive the government could be in a crackdown, but another official said he could see a way around it.
I get real antsy when I hear government officials talking about doing an end-run around the First Amendment…