mklinux.org has a nice 3-D dancing penguin, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Something I’m going to have to print out for my wall. (from /.).

Internet Alchemy is a web log I heard about on CamWorld. Also in web-log-ish news, Wes is back up at Hack the Planet.

If you’re into cultural criticism, this book might be worth a go.

People in New Madrid (and St. Louis, too) can breathe a little easier.

XKeyCaps could have made developing my Dvorak keymap a little easier.

I signed up for my.snap.com, after seeing it mentioned on peterme.com. I was attracted by the fact that they actually offer up links to outside, non-co-branded sites. Loads a bit quicker than other personalizable portals, too.

The web site usability test I was in on Friday was non-eventful. The new site, which will go live in August according to the testers, is a lot nicer than the current site.

Fugazi End Hits cover

Old Media Purchases: After my bowling league on Friday night, Laura and I made a Border’s pilgrimage. I picked up the new Perl Cookbook, Darwin Among the Machines, and Fugazi’s End Hits (reviewed at Pillowfight.)

A Fugazi fan site: The official Southern website of Fugazi
(There are lots more out there; try searching Google.)

Whew! I had a good weekend, hacked a lot of Perl, learned a lot of hands-on stuff about using references. I also ended up with a lot of interesting stuff to point at, and some mini-rants that need to come out. Look for the updates to be a bit larger this week and maybe the next, until the backlog gets taken care of.