Skeletons in our ancestral closet?

Modeling complexity, simply

There’s a poll on peterme.com concerning Meyers-Briggs personality types. (Results are here.) Swing by and vote – there are links to tests if you don’t know your type. (I’m an INTJ, in case anyone cares.)

There’s a new version of the biff-like WMMail.

Dawkins on memes

A FUD-ish Dallas News article about New Media and the Kosovo war. I say FUD-ish because of this (regarding a list of exterior war-related sites linked to by CNN:

CNN’s list of Web connections is preceded by a parenthetical note stating, “These sites are not endorsed by CNN Interactive.” But for Web users moving from the principal CNN site to the links it offers, there might be no real sense of leaving the news organization’s premises.

.So, the average web user is too stupid to notice the difference between this and this? (Not to mention that the new site **opens in a new browser window**!)
<sarcasm>Pity the foolish media consumer! Oh please, Old Media, save us from the scary chaos of the Internet!</sarcasm>