The FDA approved a new protease inhibitor for HIV therapy: Agenerase (amprenavir). I found a lot of information when I did a Google search. Frighteningly, a lot of it was contradictory. The link above goes to the most complete page I found; if you’re evaluating the drug before taking it, be careful to check out several information sources.

In an un-related Google search, I ran across this link about bioinformatics degrees on a Robot Wisdom page.

New Linux software installs over the weekend: I updated to the recent 2.2.6 kernel release, switched to the Xpmac_mga X server, and built the new postilion mail client.

It looks like there’s some interesting stuff on The Reality Club to wade through, when I get the time.

Hack the Planet is off the air due to ISP problems. Hopefully Wes will be back up and running soon…

I’m still working on the piece about the nature of web logs and the point and future of GeneHack. Initial efforts have shown me that I need to carefully figure out what I want to say; just diving into the writing isn’t going to cut it.