Did some coding last night. It was the first time I’d done that with the Dvorak keymap. It was good, since I still really have to think about what I’m typing – which actually resulted in less buggy code. Now I just need to remap my Emacs keys so that C-q C-o works for C-x C-s.

Building a new LinuxPPC kernel

luigui.org: Linux/UNIX Independent Group for Usability Information – good name, great idea.

Big Bugs. For you Neal Stephenson fans, note the use of the PATEOTS measurement.

Uncontrolled Experiment: America’s dependency on foreign scientists

“American science, in other words, is based on a Ponzi scheme.”

More cool keyboards that I can’t afford on my meager salary (see the above story…)

The bioperl.org gang is going to get together at Bioperl '99. Wish I could be there…

Review of the forthcoming MacOS 8.6

More PNAS papers that merit a trip to the library (insert obligatory rant about free Web access to science journals…)