Hope everyone had a nice weekend and didn’t notice the lack of updates. I decided to ease up on my typing, to see if some of this wrist pain would clear up. It seems to have helped, a little bit.

Lake Superior State Banished Words List. I’d like to propose a ban of my own: on people who use MS Word to edit Web pages and then don’t fix the well-known ’ to ? problem.

A link on peterme.com lead me to the Keirsey Temperament web site. There, an online test told me I was a mastermind, better known as an INTJ.

Creativity, clues about culture could help science: In the lab I work in, we often discuss papers and talks in terms of narrative, of telling a story. I’d also like to point out that many scientists aren’t just bad at communicating with the public, they’re bad at communication period. When people talk about reforming science education, they need to realize that changes need to occur at the post-secondary and graduate school levels too.

Multiple Disciplines, Imagination, and the Big Picture: At last, some of the science fiction authors are starting to pay attention to biology! Maybe this will produce some bio-science fiction I can read with wincing too often. Additionally, as far as Greg Bear’s comments: Some of us are starting to tackle the gene network problem. Just give us a little bit of time, okay?

Where do you want to go tomorrow?

Misc. Cruft: I had intended to use this weekend to do some thinking about GeneHack, why I was maintaining the site, what it had to offer, etc. That only got partially done. Watch later this week if you’re into meta-critique of weblogs and ruminations on the role of the personal web-site.