As promised, I packaged up my Dvorak keymaps. The package also includes dvorak7min, a GPL’d typing tutor. I actually uploaded a LinuxPPC R4 binary in addition to source code, as well as shell scripts to switch keymaps. To load the Dvorak map, type asdf. To remove that and reload the QWERTY map, type aoeu (that’s the same four keys as asdf). To start the tutor program, type htns (Those are the four Dvorak keys under the right hand home position.) More detailed instructions can be found on the Files page.

Dan’s got a rather scary receipt up on Flutterby. I paid about US$13.00 for 10 gallons of gas in Tucson yesterday afternoon.

Scary link relayed from my wife, in the every-damn-thing is on the Net department: Bumper Dumper

Uncle Booger is sending Bumper Dumpers to help with the sanitation problem rapidly growing with the Refugees.

Some of those interesting links from Arts & Letters Daily, now that I’ve had a free moment or two. First, an intriguing,if somewhat one-sided piece about widespread DNA banking. It’s not really an easy question, which means the eventual solution will please no one.

Second, a review of a book that appears to describe the role of serendipity in scientific discoveries. More interesting than the review is the defensive tone of the New England Journal of Medicine reviewer. Sure, our government throws money at researchers to investigate disease. The question is, does this directed approach produce more and/or better results than the pure research approach favored by other, at times less well-funded researchers? I’d like to read a book on that!

PerlSlinger looks interesting, if you’re a Mac Perl person.

Two interesting recent papers that I need to read:
    Correlation between protein and mRNA abundance in yeast.
    TargetFinder: searching annotated sequence databases for target genes of transcription factors.

Site Cruft: In case anyone cares, I added some <META> tags to my page headers. I just got tired of backtracking search engine queries and seeing outdated content show up. Hopefully the change propagates through the search engines quickly. Also, for the browser/OS-heads, I noticed that the 100-plus-hit day earlier this week pushed Windows 95 and Windows NT ahead of Linux. Interestingly, SunOS hits are gaining quickly on the MacOS. Curious mix of viewers I’m attracting here. Much more info available on the Stats page.