Talk over – went okay, I guess. Self-rated at about 6.5 or 7 out of a possible 10. Updating the site now; lots to talk about…

Apology: I looked at Dan Lyke’s rant about clueless web design. Then, I thought for a minute, changed my Netscape defaults to black background with white text, and reloaded this page. Presto! White background (specified by my <body> tag, with white text (from the prefs). BAD! As penance, I changed all my body tags by hand to specify text=“black” in the <body> tag as well. I’m sorry – sorry that I’ve been looking like an idiot for who knows how long…

Got the latest Wired yesterday, and took a little time off from talk prep to power-read it. One of the better issues in a while; the email article was interesting and you can’t beat a Lucas interview. PlanetAll.com looks interesting, as does Arts & Letters Daily

Now’s prolly a good time to mention that in addition to PlanetAll.com, I’m also a member of Six Degrees. If you belong to either and read this site with any regularity, feel free to add me as a contact.

For all you p0rn-hungry kiddies pounding the search engines in search of the (in)famous Simply Porn ad parodies (of the Simply Palm ad campaign), look here. Or maybe look here to go straight to the pictures.
And if you do, karma requires that you keep coming back to this site semi-regularly! Don’t use me and abandon me! 8^)=

Justlinux.com is a cool new Linux ‘portal’ – although that word isn’t entirely accurate. That is, I’m pretty sure that it’s the first portal that offers dynamic DNS services free for the asking…

Mark’s Apology Note Generator

Over on slashdot, Rob has tweaked the moderation scheme again. I think I like it…
For the clueful, my default alignment is +1 – kewl!

On MacCentral the other day, some Mozilla resignation counter-FUD (or anti-spin, depending on your perspective) was posted.

Couple of miscellaneous Dvorak links:
     The Dvorak keyboard
     ABCD - A Basic Course in Dvorak

Big talk today – updates later, assuming I don’t implode from lack of sleep.