It snowed here yesterday. That might not seem that amazing, but I live in southern Arizona – it’s pretty damn odd.

People have been pounding the search engines, looking for information on the new antibiotic Zyvox. Oddly, this is the only site that Altavista returns to such a query. To make those people’s lives easier, here’s the link I ran before:Zyvox article. Also, the generic name for the new rug is linezolid; using that as a query to Metacrawler yielded much better results.

Tomorrow is World Phone In Sick Day '99 ( First seen on slashdot )

Yesterday, I gave both lpe and mutt a go. I didn’t really care for either, but you might.

Hack the Planet points to The Mac on Linux project.

QWERTY just as good as Dvorak? (also from slashdot)
Fresh off my User Friendly burn, I’m not sure I buy this one…