A few more pages put up, and a lot of nasty little errors stomped on. Check out the MacOS part of the (hard|soft)ware heirarchy, specifically the MacOS screenshots.
And yes, it’s about 9 hours later, and yes the people are still banging away in the bathroom. And, oh, by the way, yes, I’m going to be late for my bowling league because of this, and yes I’ve got to piss so bad I can taste it, but No!, I’m not annoyed…

I’m hanging around home today, with not much work to do (I need to get some time in on the G3 at work, and crunch those numbers). I’m at home because a gang of nice people is ripping all the tile out of my bath and replacing it, or something. I’m not really clear on what the landlord told them to do. Anyway, it’s giving me some time to hack on this site. For example, the Personal heirarchy is up.

I finished Heavy Weather. The genetics part at the end always really bugs me – Sterling just doesn’t get the lingo right. Chromosomes, for example, have arms, not branches. And what the hell is an intron scan supposed to be, anyway? The chrolophyll hack, though, is a mega-tasty idea, one that I think we’ll get around to implementing one of these days.

Zyvox is a new antibiotic that’s passed FDA approval. Proper use is a major issue – should we just deploy it, or hold it in reserve for use when all other antibiotics have failed?

The latest gamma-ray burst was caught live, thanks to an ad hoc satellite net. Apparently, the bursts look so impressive because they’re beams, rather than ‘fireballs’.

Mini-rant: Why aren’t there any biological science stories under the CNN SCITECH section? I can understand why all the biological stuff under HEALTH is focused on human biology, but there’s no reason for SCITECH to exclusively focus on astronomy, physics, and computing. Don’t get me wrong, those are cool topics, but so are molecular biology, genetics, and biochemistry!

Un-intentional irony?: Check out this PCWorld article, featuring Tim Berners-Lee talking about how the Web is still too complex. Check out the truly nasty interface around the article, including the really unnecessary small fixed-font for the body of the article text, and the ads for everything under the sun. Wonder how many cookies your browser was just sent. Read the section about privacy. Laugh.