Damn! My best-to-date Angband character just bought the farm. Time to start over…

Wow! Free online access to Trends journals at www.trends.com. This expires in June, but it’s a sweet deal nonetheless. I still wish online science journals could switch over to an advertising-supported open access model, or that the online publishing that’s so popular in the physics world would take root in the bioscience community.

Finished Idoru. Gibson’s definitely at his most trippy in this one, and I kept seeing parallels with American culture (which I guess is one of the points). For example, do the Slashdot crew count as otaku? How about the User Friendly crowd?

The Canadian Bioinformatics Supercomputing Center looks like it has a lot of nice resources available.

After Idoru, I picked up Heavy Weather for about the fifth time. Sterling is some ways more amazing than Gibson, despite, or perhaps because his futures seem much more plausible.
What do you hack? I hack genomes.