Whatta day! Things got off to a rocky start. I’ve been having some mini-buffer troubles in XEmacs 21.2b12, so I decided to try to downgrade to v20.4. I forgot I’d already tried to build that without success, which is why I’m running 21.2b12. And, of course, I didn’t remember until after I’d nuked my current install…

After I got XEmacs rebuilt, I decided to switch mail readers. I’ve been using KMail, but the XEmacs screwup convinced me I need to clean out some disk space. So, KDE had to go, which meant bye-bye KMail. I downloaded Arrow (and the required libraries), and it built ok. I’ve got to say I’m a little bit under-whelmed, especially considering how long it took to compile.

However, my old friend Postilion has improved since I last checked, and that’s the client I ended up going with. Looks nice, runs fairly fast, and doesn’t take up a load of room. The built-in mail database is nice also, given my tendancy to save most of the email I get.

The other thing that went out with KDE was the kdm graphical login screen. This I was actually prepared for. I grabbed Login.app, which is a sweet little xdm replacement. It’s really the finishing touch for a box running AfterStep or Window Maker.

Now that I’ve spent a large portion of the day futzing with my personal box, it’s time to grab some dinner, and head to the lab. The nice G3 there should be free, so I can write some nice Perl code, and hopefully get some work done.