I’m still head down on that Perl code, and I will be for quite a while, I imagine.

Wired was the first place that I saw the news that the worm is done. For those of you who aren’t molecular biology geeks, this is pretty cool. I’ll be spending some quality time this weekend, checking out which of my favorite genes are there, which ones aren’t, and trying to figure out what it all means. (That is, after all, pretty much my job description!)

This week’s Science has the paper on the sequencing, as well as a comparison to yeast, and a bunch of other analysis. Of course, I can’t read the stuff, because I don’t have a subscription. Why the hell can’t online advertising revenues support free viewing of scientific information, just like they support the free viewing of damn near everything else on the Net? I don’t care if I have to look at banner ads for p0rn sitez, as look as I can see the papers I want to.