Damn! Has it really been that long? Time flies when you’re working on nothing in particular, I guess.

I’m getting better at using Emacs for editing HTML, but I’d still like to find some kind of HTML in Emacs reference – more browsing.

I did manage to complete part of the necessary work to enable me to stay in Unix for longer periods of time – I’ve set up a file that has links to the sites I check everyday. This frees me from the bookmark manager(s) I was using on the MacOS side of things.

As far as Linux goes, I’ve gotten quite a few more things compiled and running. Of course, if it doesn’t compile out of the box, I’m still screwed, but I feel a little less screwed than I did at the beginning.

Some cool things that did build out of the box: ascd, a dockable CD player, and asmixer, a dockable volume control dingus. Also, wmmount works without many problems, allowing mounting of removable media from the Windowmaker dock. Pretyy cool, worth a look.