Almost a week since my last update. You might think that I’ve been playing with MacOS 8.5, or fixing up the OneClick pages, but you’d be wrong. Friday night, I finally picked up a copy of the MkLinux reference release (DR2.1), which I installed on my 7500. Saturday, I ran into work, downloaded DR3, and bootstraped the install of of a external hard drive. I managed to get pppd working, although I still need to work on getting the modem to disconnect. Today, I complied Window Maker and it worked!. Yeehaw! Expect to see a lot more Linux stuff on this site, as I get up to speed.

I also went to tonight’s TFUG meeting. It was cool – I met another Mac Linux person. He’s running LinuxPPC so maybe I’ll try that distribution too.

My geek quotient went up about an order of magnitude this weekend!

Next up: Pick up some themes, some dockapps, and get Netscape working.