Well, I’ve finally added the HTML fragment for the OneClick Web Ring to the appropriate pages on my site.
I wonder how many hits I’ll be getting?

Of course, my palettes have been completely re-designed by now! Most of the underlying scripts are the same, but the palettes look quite different, as you can see in this screen shot (48 K) of Frontier, or this screen shot (63 K) of Netscape.

I also did a little work on the site template, simplifying things. Pages on the site should load a little faster. Let me know what you think: jacobs@azstarnet.com

Yesterday, I got the good news that my visit to Museum of Abandoned Technology netted me 4 computers with monitors (@ US$10 each). Unfortunately, I can’t remember which lots were which anymore. I’m hoping these were the working 486’s. If that’s the case, I’ll sell two (or scavenge them for parts), leave Windows on a third, and install Red Hat Linux on the fourth. Of course, if I just bought 4 toaster Macs, I’ll be a little bit less excited. 8^D