How hot is it in my house right now? Well, have you ever seen a cat pant?

While I was at the lab, I discovered my PCR didn’t work again. Not a good thing. However, I did find out that Friday’s transformation wassucessful, and I was able to finish dinking with the PhosphorImager computer, so everything just about balances out.

Couple of things about TV: First, That 70’s Show is pretty damn funny. However, the show’s only been on for about a month, and tonight’s episode was already a rerun. S’up with that? Second, is anybody else getting really sick of those damn Levi’s Hard Jeans commercials? I admire the design aesthetic of the commercials, but the product! Who wants hard abrasive stuff next to their skin? What’s next for this target market, 20 grit toilet paper?

For you Mac people looking for a working version of Mozilla, Wes Felter tipped me to the 09.11.98 build. Works for me! Thanks Wes!

As the site rebuild continues to creep along, the oneclick index page gets finalized, as do the claris emailer, userland frontier, and multi-threaded newswatcher pages.