Pretty sure I lost a day of updates here, because of a Frontier crash. Imagine what you missed – aren’t you sorry you haven’t been checking every day?

What I accomplished today

  • Analyzed some PCR reactions and found out they didn’t work.
  • Set up some more PCR reactions.
  • Re-built about half the software on our PhosphorImager computer.
  • Found and set up a hit counter for this page.
  • Took a nap.

I have officially reached saturation on the Starr Report, *gate, Monica/Bill/Hillary foofoorah. Wake me up when it’s over, all right?

For us impatient types, there are 26 days remaining until Oct 9th, the anticipated release date of MacOS 8.5.
Time for me to start savin’ those pennies…

Netscape released PR2 of Communicator 4.5 the other day. It seems to be a little more stable, but I haven’t pushed it real hard yet. Has anybody found a build of Mozilla that will run decently? The 9.3 build crashed on startup for me.