tweaks i got done today:

  • added a <meta name="viewport"> header so the site doesn’t look like crap on a phone
  • added code to my 11ty config to generate minified CSS during the build and then converted my horrible CSS into slightly less horrible SCSS
  • changed the feed location from rss.xml to atom.xml. apologies to anybody that had already subscribed; you’ll need to resubscribe. i am a bad person and i feel bad
  • on the plus side, i added a <link> header for the feed, so autodiscovery should work now
  • added a favicon while i was at it
  • fixed link styling so they’re always underlined except in the header

stuff i fucked with but utterly failed at:

  • coming up with a sticky footer solution that felt acceptable (yes i tried flexbox and grid no i don’t want to talk about it)

stuff i still need to finish:

  • styling the code syntax highlighting to not look horrible
  • writing the post about the terraform automation that builds out the site infra for me
  • get some nice svg icons rockin’ for things like the feed link
  • about a bajillion other things, really…