(published march 1st, 2016)

Week of 21 Feb: review

That whole “goal post up on time” streak didn’t really last, did it. In my defense, I had a sick kid home 3 days this week, and a different sick kid home yesterday. My routine-fu is strong but not that strong…

Goals for last week were:

(We won’t speak about how all three of those were accomplished at the last minute, on Sunday.)

Goals for next week – and I’m going up to four goals because, hey, why not, clearly three was doable… :

So, there we go, 4 goals, all again totally doable. Please hassle me on Twitter, Facebook, and/or in person if I should fail to accomplish any of these – you’re doing me a favor by doing that (and if you’re a friend, it’s probably something you’ll enjoy…)

Sadly, no “cool thing I’ve seen this week” this week, as I’m coming up blank on something new and cool. Hope yours is better.