Week of 24 Jan: review

Really felt like a bit of a crap week, didn’t feel like I accomplished much of anything and my mojo was totally missing in action. Let’s look at the board:

  • Be more intentional: I finally (about 20 minutes ago) got the mess of crap I dumped into OmniFocus semi-organized. I did spend some time thinking about how this is all going to work, and it’s clear that I need to do a little automation around Jira, and maybe Trello, if I’m really going to stick to the “one inbox to rule them all” plan. Solid ‘B’ on this one this week.

  • Re-develop exercise routine: Finished week 1 of C25K and did a couple days of bodyweight exercises as well. Giving myself a C+, because one of my January goals was to get to week 2, and I didn’t, despite having a decent overall week.

  • Speak at 3 events: CFPs submitted to this week: big fat zero. Grade: ‘F’

  • Revive my blog and make at least 2 posts / month: I think I’m going to revise this goal to be “2 non-goal-summary posts / month”… In true yak-shaving fashion, my immediate goal is to convert the blog to a different platform, which I did zero work on this past week. Another ‘F’.

  • Learn C# and Swift: No C# progress. Read more about Swift, but haven’t gotten to the point of writing any real code yet. Grade: ‘C-’.

  • Fix up landscaping on front and west side of the new house: Still in a weather-related holding pattern on this one… Grade: N/A.

  • Build brick path from back door to office door: Ditto – although some solid progress was on the office renovation this week, so maybe I’ll be able to actually start on this one this month. We shall see. Grade: N/A.

  • Host one dinner party a month: Talked to the wife about the plan and she approves. We still need to figure out who to invite. Another ‘C-’.

  • Cool thing I saw last week: Chapter One: When Hearts Are Large – came up on my Spotify new music list and it is just beautiful. When it comes to music, I’m totally a lyrics guy, and this one has several spots that are just gut-punchingly good.

Thanks for reading, folks. Really appreciate those of you that took the time to send in positive feedback on the experiment here – it’s still early, but I think it’s helping.

Now to start growing.