It's All Happening

I’ve had a couple people reach out to me over the past couple weeks, asking about my health, so I thought I’d do another quick update on how that’s going: everything’s fine. 8^)

I’m completely recovered from the surgery, and pretty much settled back into “normal life”, whatever that is. I do have one last follow-up test this week, an IV pyelogram, that’s going to show how much function remains in the half-kidney they left behind. The test itself shouldn’t be any problem, but it requires a day of fasting and ‘bowel prep’ the day before. Not really looking forward to that part of the exercise.

Because 2015 is apparently dead set on being the year of Much Drama, we’ve also been forced into moving a year earlier than we had been hoping for. Our plan had been to sell our Maryland house this fall when the lease was up, then buy a house here in Salem next summer. Our current landlords, however, had other plans: they too wanted to sell their house this fall. This presented us with an issue, being as that’s the house we’ve been renting (and we weren’t really interested in buying it, for a variety of reasons, much to the disappointment of the current landlords).

We threw things into high gear (actually, mostly Laura threw things into high gear, honestly), located a house here, and got the incredibly slow-moving process of house buying kicked off. We sign final loan documents and other stuff tomorrow, then close of escrow and possession is scheduled for Tuesday. Pretty excited at the sweet 1936 former farmhouse we found. We plan to be all moved in before October 1 – and then the years of “projects” start. (Project #1: Getting the detached workshop renovated into my office space.)

We were also able to list our house in Maryland. It sold pretty quickly (although not without its own share of petty drama which isn’t even worth going into). That closing is scheduled for this Friday. Not having that house anymore is really going to feel like the “East Coast” chapter of our life is fully completed. I guess we’re full-on Oregonian now.

Overall, things are incredibly busy and pretty good. Hope you’re the same. <3