And we have a date!

Today, I learned that my surgery has been scheduled for next Wednesday (the 10th). Upon learning this, I briefly considered the possibility of making it down to SLC for the first day of YAPC, and then dashing back home for the surgery – but that, with due consideration, seems like not the wisest course of action. So, YAPC::NA::2015 is definitely a miss for me.

However, since OSCON isn’t until later in July, I expect I’ll be able to make it up to Portland for a little hanging out while that’s going on, assuming all the surgical stuff and subsequent recovery goes as expected, so if you’re going to be in town for that, hit me up and we can grab a beer or whatever.

In other good news: the other odd-looking spots that were seen in my kidneys on the CAT scan have gone away in the MRI. They were probably somehow related to the bladder infection that originally led to the discovery of all these problems. This is good news because it confirms that just taking out the part of the kidney containing the tumor is the best course of action.

I just want to say, thanks again to everybody that has offered help and support while all of this has unfolded. It is really, deeply appreciated. I’m lucky to have some thoughtful friends in my life. 8^) <3