Here's an idea for you to ... disregard

This is probably something with too small a target market to be viable, but I know that I’d pay for it, and I imagine a number of people I know would too, so I’m throwing it out here. If somebody happens to run with this, please let me know where to sign up.

I want a web site that lets me put in all my demographic information, set up a series of preferred usernames, and provide a default password. Then I want the people who run that site to watch – nay, scour – the online world for new and upcoming services, and I want them to register me for those services, using my preferred username(s) and password(s). I don’t want to have to worry about finding out about things in time to get my preferred handle, I don’t care that all the sites will be using the same password (because I’m already using the same password when I register for them myself), and I don’t particularly care what the master registration site does with my demographic info as long as my spam load doesn’t go up appreciably and as long as nobody, you know, jacks my credit card or something.

Oh, and I’ll pay money for this service. I’ll quite happily take the money I was giving Flickr for a Pro account and give it to whoever sets this up. Please.

(And yeah, yeah, OpenID blah blah blah, but until that gets to be part of the landscape, it’s not doing me any real good. I’m not looking to do the Right Thing here, I’m looking for a cheap technological fix for this particular pain in my ass.)

In related news, stalkers may wish to know that is now active. Shiny.