out the door with 2k4

I’m lounging on the couch, iBook in lap, a glass of thirty-year-old Laphroaig close to hand. Homicide: Life on the Street season five is in the DVD player, and 2004 is staggering towards its finish.

My big resolution for 2004 was quitting caffeine. I was successful at that – and one of the things I’m looking forward to in 2005 is having a nice, big, warm cup of coffee. Another resolution was being better about updating my various web sites, and I was somewhat less successful at that. (I think that one is going on the list again for 2005…)

Other than that, 2005 is going to be The Year Of No New Projects. Instead of starting new things, I’m going to be focusing on finishing up the various things on my various lists – getting the diary working again, working on some web-based todo-tracking/GTD-ish sort of stuff, straightening out the hosting for my various domains. I’ve also got about a bookcase worth of stuff to read, so I’m also going to be making an effort to buy fewer books (perhaps renewing my acquaintance with our local library to boot).

So those are some of my resolutions for the coming year – what about you?