last week's comics

This is the stuff from week before last – what I would have picked up July 2nd, if I hadn’t been out of town on vacation. (I actually picked it up June 30th.) It was a pretty light week.

Ultimate Fantastic Four 8 The second Ellis-penned issue. I’m really enjoying his run so far; in this issue he took on the issue of the Thing’s, um, lower GI tract.

Ultimate X Men 48 Nothing too exciting here – just scene-setting for the next issue, which will conclude the Mr. Sinister arc (from the look of things anyway).

The Goon #0: Rough Stuff TPB I loved this! Pulpy, noir-ish, with a very distinct graphic style, and a boat-load of humor. (And zombies!) Highly recommended.

Fables 2: Animal Farm TPB This one had some nice bits (Goldilocks as a socialist revolutionary animal lover – no, animal lover was amusing), but I didn’t think it was as strong as the first book.