touch of gray

Whump posted his four-thousandth entry this weekend, which got me to pondering my own numbers -- now much easier to see, given the new design of the archives section. I still need to add back in the archives from older versions of Genehack (September 1998 through 2002) to get an accurate count, but I'll be surprised if I break 2,000.

(I am planning on adding those archives, by the way. The project is currently in the "now how the hell do I do this?" stage; I'm staring down 1482558 bytes of hand-coded HTML (that's about 1.6 megabytes) and trying to decide if attempting to parse it is worth while, or if I should just say "screw it" and fire up XEmacs and get busy.)

While I was cleaning out a closet yesterday afternoon, the above thoughts segued into more of a "how many of the old-timers are left, and how many posts have they racked up?" vein. The first part of that is pretty easy to figure out: hit jjg's 'the page of only weblogs' and see how many of 'ye olde skool' bloggers are still updating their sites. When I checked this morning, of the 23 sites listed, 17 were still active blogs -- not necessarily at the exact same URL; Bradlands now lists Brad's various subsites, for example. That's decent longevity, considering that all the sites listed were actively blogging in late 1998. (All the URLs are still active, too, although one (psyberspace) is being squatted by a domain reseller.)

The second half of the question is harder. I could probably jigger up a spider and crawl the active sites and get half an idea, but I'm lazy, so I'll just throw the query out there: if you're one of 'ye olde skool', how many posts have you made since you started blogging?