• Nu-skool A-list in town next week -- anybody going?
  • Installed SpamAssassin yesterday, finally. Feel much better about myself. (Doc link, for lunchtime reading.)
  • Happy Mailman Reminder Day!
  • Emacs Code Browser looks nice and shiny, if you're the type of person that prefers a lot of 'I' in your IDE. (Check out the screen shots, and curse the frame-based design that prevents a direct link to same...)
  • Another reason to be sorry that the New Belgium Brewery doesn't ship to this part of the country: their aggressive use of new, environmentally friendly tech. We're back in the MidWest in about a month; I need to remember to stock up on Fat Tire if the chance comes up. Tasty, tasty.
  • Finally, for any of the guys out there that might have just broken up with somebody, it's possible that "Sex tips to my soon to be ex." is intended for you. Do take the poor girls advice to heart, eh?