it's the big one!

Well, I'm no longer the number one hit for 'SARS sequence', but I'm still paying attention to the story.

The infection may be more lethal than initially reported. Given that it has (so far) disproportionately affected care providers, and that the people who pull through mostly require fairly intense treatment (nobody ends up on a vent for the joy of it), there's the potential for a postive feedback loop here -- once enough care-givers are out of action, the virus potentially gets more lethal.

I also sent in a reply to a a recent Politech posting this morning; don't know if it will make it to the list or not. To do that, I had to Google up some quick info about the coronavirus family; I found this course page at the University of Leicester to be rather helpful, if a bit busy in the design department.

On a more humorous note, The Boondocks did a little "I got the SARS! story arc last week that was amusing in a Sanford-and-Son sort of fashion.