i hate baseball, but i love baseball metaphors. ah, the irony.

Just when you think the only place you're going to see baseball used a political metaphor is a George Will column (and really, who has the time for that anymore? The mental cleansing exercises afterwards just take forever), along comes something like "At The Turning Of The Tide":

In George W. Bush's America, being even moderately liberal these days is like being a Red Sox fan. You know what needs to happen, you know what is right, and yet some cosmic force akin to the lingering shade of Babe Ruth always manages to ascend from purgatory and batter you into dust right at the moment when something good and great is within your grasp. If you do manage to get your lineup together - home run issues, grand slam arguments, All Star players - you will get completely outspent by the damned Yankees who are sitting in your division with more money than God and the will to use it. Baseball, like politics, has no spending limits.

(Make sure to check out the list of Bush's accomplishments towards the end of the article.)