the ends don't justify the means

There probably won't be a great deal of war talk here; right now, I'm feeling quite a bit like I did post-9/11: like I just want to hole up and ignore the world and hope it goes away. (Not a terribly enlightened reaction, I'm the first to admit.) But something of this magnitude deserves some sort of acknowledgement, some sort of commentary, maybe especially from fence-sitters like me, who can't quite make up their minds about the whole thing. So here's something I sent to a mailing list I'm on, which comprises my current state of opinion vis a vis Gulf War:TNG:

I don't disagree that Mr Hussein is a very, very bad man. I don't disagree that Iraq, and the rest of the world, would be measureably better off if he was dead. I do question the timing of this action. I do question its relevance to the "war on terror". I do question the high-handed bully-boy way we've gone about trying to achieve our stated, inarguably good, goal. I do question if the long-term costs to our economy and our standing in the global community outweigh the benefits of doing this good, noble thing in this way, at this time.

And I don't think the ends ever justify the means.