ah, good, it's not just me then

John Le Carré thinks America has gone mad; I don't see much out there to counter the argument. Even GOP Senate leaders are getting fed up with the current administration's high-handed ways of doing things. Oh, and Donald "Precious Bodily Fluids" Rumsfeld has decided that our inability to find what we're looking for means that what we're looking for is there. (I am not, I repeat, NOT making this shit up; read the story for yourself.) It is starting to look like a serious portion of the top leaders are the country are either (a) convinced the entire electorate is a bunch of idiots, (b) certifably bugfuck, or (c) both.

My money being on (c) fails to engender any sort of warm fuzzy when considering the future.

(First two links from Brig over at EatonWeb.)