florida's on fire

worship the chunk.
Major thumbs up for the new Superchunk long player here's to shutting up. Just thought I'd share.

how come we never just talk anymore?
I'm running off at the mouth about webloging, and why it ain't like it used to be (least for me) over here on Flutterby.

it's getting scary out there, part #541
From my cousin in KCMO comes this story, about a group of part-time small town cops that decided what their town really needed was a SWAT team -- and since you can't have a SWAT team without machine guns, well... you do the math.

minor meta
I had to remove some sites from my Daily Dose pages -- I'm pretty short on time these days, and I just wasn't reading everything. No offense intended to people who got dropped. (You're not really dropped, just commented out for the time being...)

And since I haven't got my weblogs.com 'ping' solution in place yet, I'll remind you about the update mailing list, in case you must know when the site gets updated.