not a state that's real

Thanks for all the feedback on the design -- I'll be writing back to y'all tonight. I'll also be changing the link color to something a bit more distinctive. But not right now -- too much other stuff to do... 8^/=

Cool picture of an anti-globalization activist in Prague. More here.

Hamfest locator. Now you too can pick up dodgy hardware on the cheap.

Okay, you're probably going to be hearing a lot about how the experiments with THC self-administration in monkeys prove that marijuana is addictive. What most of the write-ups I seen have omitted is that as part of the experimental design, the monkeys were trained to self-inject IV cocaine. If switched to saline, they quickly stopped self-injecting; if switched to a solution with THC, they continued to self-inject.

So, it seems just as reasonable (at least to me) to conclude that THC is a potential remedy for the symptoms of cocaine withdrawal as it does to conclude that THC is addictive. I don't know; maybe it's just me. Get the full scoop here.

Oh, this is going to get passed around at work today: Brits are miserable. (The group of people I habitually hang with at NCBI is about half Brit, half Merkin.)

Just in case you haven't seen it in the bunches of other places that have linked it, here's a pointer to Phil Agre's "The New Science of Character Assassination". Probably something you should read, if you're an American citizen of voting age. Actually, if you're not on the Red Rock Eater list, you're missing out on a lot of good stuff.

Argh -- up too early. Big meeting at work; life is (potentially) about to get very interesting (for Chinese values of the same). Wish me luck.