the past isn't through with us

Watched Magnolia last night. Wow. If and when we get a DVD player, I'll be grabbing it on disc -- just because I know I missed stuff...

Yay! Amanda's back! At least for a bit, anyway...

In a twisted way, I can understand getting hazed to join an athletic team. I still think it's wrong, and all, but I can understand it. But who the hell gets hazed to join a church group?

An interestingly contrarian view of working in IT. (Stolen from the SDM, since I saw somebody grousing in there the other day about /. using things without credit...)

Judge rules LAPD can be sued under RICO statue.

Pregnant mom to be monitored daily to protect fetus.

Last two items make me feel slightly more random about US society than normal.

GTK-XEmacs had a release yesterday. I've been using the CVS version, updating and rebuilding every weekend, and it's been rock stable. William M. Perry has done an absolutely fantastic job on this project.

The BioPerl project has started using Wiki. Time to learn that now, I guess.

Here's Abigail's YAPC::19100 talk on JAPHS and other obscure signatures. Interesting not only for the Perl bits, but for the (highly effective, IMHO) way the deconstruction of the coding tricks is presented.

Following up on last week's pig cloning/xenotransplantation virus transfer worries stories, a Massachusetts-based biotech firm has announced that they have a line of miniature pigs that seem to be unable to transfer porcine endogenous retroviruses (PERVs, and who came up with that acronym?) into human cells. Of course, they don't sound all that sure:

"It appears that these animals don't contain replication-competent PERV in human cells. We don't know why." [ said a company spokesperson ]

Those key words "appears" and "don't know why" are making me just a wee bit leery of running out to get some pig organs implanted.

Good day at work yesterday -- the last couple weeks have been spent doing a lot of planning, designing, and thinking, and even when I was coding, it was support stuff in libraries. Yesterday, however, I finally got the first functional bits written and tested. I finally feel like progress is being made.