oh amy don't hate me

This was a good weekend. The blogger Brickskeller gathering went well, aside from our inadvertently hiding from Kevin ‘Ghost in the Machine’ Murphy. As unofficial organizer, I feel somewhat responsible for not setting things up a little better – Kevin, first round’s on me, next time.

Other than that mishap, things went well. All I’ve got to add to Mike’s summary is that we learned that Mike doesn’t just have a little frat boy in 'im, he’s got a lot of frat boy in 'im – something that, really, comes as no surprise to those who’ve met him. Plans are underway for a repeat engagement of some sort in August, when Steve actually moves here for good.

People thinking about ditching Windows for Linux might want to start here.

Odd search referal of the week: “decss dvd erotic down load”, via the German language version of Google. I’ll note, without further comment, that Genehack appears to be the only site indexed by Google that matchs that particular combination of search terms.

In contrast, many sites match a Yahoo search for “pictures of obscene hand gestures”, but Genehack is number two. I feel so, umm, proud. Or something.

I finally got my Visor’s USB cradle working again this weekend, and so I was finally able to give Sitescooper a go. In case you don’t know, Sitescooper is a Perl-based app that lets you download various sites for later reading on your Visor or Palm handheld. It’s very cool, and I can already tell I’ll be using it as part of my daily routine.

That’s it for today – didn’t get much surfing done this weekend. Too many social gatherings; too much BOP hacking. It’ll be better tomorrow, I hope.