hen's teeth

A rare weekend update for GeneHack. Hopefully I remember to point this out from Monday’s entry, so that people don’t miss it.

Tweaked and updated the Start pages again; moved Now This and Have Browser, Will Travel to the Hiatus section.

I finished catching up on Debra Hyde’s diary this past week. I really enjoyed the September 28 entry, where she talks about the rewards and joys of 'blogging from a beginning 'blogger’s perspective. I remember going through what she describes. (You vanilla types be careful; the rest of the diary contains explicit descriptions of B&D/S&M-type sexual situations. If you don’t know what ‘vanilla’ refers to in the previous sentence, you are.)

In contrast to the recent Kansas and Kentucky moves, the New Mexico Board of Education has decided against recommending the teaching of creationism.

Salon has an interesting interview with Freeman Dyson this weekend.