First Australia, now here. I feel an overwhelming need for a button that reads ‘Keep Your Laws Off My Internet Presence’.
via Librarian.net

Objects in Bioinformatics '99 looks like an interesting little get together for the geekier parts of the bioinfo crowd.

Hopefully this weekend I’ll have a chance to try to get dial-on-demand PPP working on my home Linux box.

Yet more 'blog-rolling: Screenshot and saturn.org, coming soon to a Daily Dose near you.

Deanna’s Internet Treasure Box goes into the ‘Read at Leisure’ bookmark file.
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Digital cable finally got hooked up today. Lots of eye candy and gee-whizness. I think my favorite feature is the ability to use the guide feature to check out what’s on other channels, without actually having to channel surf.

I think I’ve fixed the background/foreground color issues for the site; mail me with any problems.